When I die I want ‘The Truth Is Out There’ carved into my gravetsone so everbody will think I’m part of a big conspiracy or my murder was unsolved but in reality I just really fucking like The X Files.




The fact that Sly said he’s never streaming again sickens me. I hope this asshole is happy with what he did. Congrats, you got Jordan arrested. Cool joke you got there, punk. :^)

When did he say that?



Littleton, Colorado is the same town where the Columbine High School massacre took place.

The police and the swat teams in the area do not take reports of shootings lightly.

Schools have been shut down and businesses evacuated according to plans that were put into place in 1999 after that shooting. This small town has effectively been shut down by this prank.

I know a lot of you don’t remember Columbine; I was 12 when it happened and I know the majority of my followers are much younger than I am. It was scary. The US was pretty peaceful at the time, and this shook the entire country.

And I am FURIOUS that someone would do this to them - not just the Creatures, but to the whole town - for a fucking chuckle.


they do not want the video to be shared. do not share the video




With just a chill head bop Jordin still manages to have more rhythm than the three tragedies next to her

What in the hell is Lorde doing?

Her best


Jordan is back and okay!!!! x


What’s Happening with The Creatures


So a lot of people on Tumblr seem to be confused about what happened with Kootra

Basically, someone thought it was funny to call the SWAT team on The Creature’s office while Koots was streaming. He was put in handcuffs and trying to explain things to the police when they took the stream off the air. All of the past streams on the channel have also been deleted.

It was not a hoax by them and it actually happens more frequently then you’d think. People call the police on popular streamers as a prank called “swatting”

James(Nova) is over there right now and since the end of the stream, theres been no sign of Jordan but some people have been released and Dan says he knows that Koots is fine.

Liz has asked The Creatures fans not to make gifs or post pictures of this.
Please treat this as a serious situation and don’t make dumb things like #freeKootra
Also, let them have their privacy if they ask for it.

its so funny and a bit sad how much of a bubble some classic rock fans live in

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god i would do anything for more simple minds stuff on tumblr, i wish i was talented enough to make that stuff

yeah, me too.. but tbh all i want is for the perfomances that aren’t classic rock to get the credit they deserve… they were what made live aid what it was 

so when are people going to start making these gorgeous photosets of paul young, duran duran or simple minds at live aid???

oh wait i forgot

its classic rock fans who’s making the photosets

to them, live aid was a two hour classic rock concert consisting only of david bowie, paul mccartney, queen and the who